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Our Board

Members of the Board of Directors provide invaluable support as leaders and ambassadors of the Children's Advocacy Center of Hampshire County's mission. Learn about the people who provide their time, support guidance to the organization.

Nancy Lapointe

Mo McGuinness

Yoko Kato

Sally Griggs

John Thorpe

Cara Crochier

Marlene Musante

Marlene Musante

Lionel Romain

Karen Romanowski

Jim Wage

Linda Pisano

Dr. Estevan Garcia

DA Dave Sullivan Advisory Member

24 Hour Hotline:
(800) 792-5200

In Hampshire County, call:


(Amherst, Chesterfield, Cummington,
Easthampton, Goshen, Hadley,
Hatfield, Middlefield, Northampton, Pelham, Plainfield,
Westhampton, Williamsburg, Worthington)


(Huntington, Southampton)


(Belchertown, Granby, South Hadley, Ware)

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